The Living Universe Hypothesis

According to my hypothesis, dark energy is the force behind everything in our Universe. Dark Energy is conscious. It has intellect of immeasurable power, far greater than what we are able to comprehend. Its conscious waves penetrate the world in all directions. Dark Energy has created and continues to create what we call matter and time. But concepts like Time and Space do not exist for it.

Intellect, Space, Time, Elementary Particles, Conscious Energy Waves

Dear Reader, let me clarify: I am not an erudite scholar, who uses mathematics and probably my hypothesis is rather elementary, so if you are expecting to read something strictly scientific, you can just give up reading further.

So let us begin with the dark energy. According to some scientists, dark matter (approximately 26%) and dark energy (approximately 70%) constitute 96% of the mass in the Universe and therefore determine the structure of galaxies, the interactions between them and influence gravitation fields significantly. The dark energy drives the galaxies away from one another by an accelerating rhythm and despite the power of gravity. In its behaviour this energy is antigravity.

According to my hypothesis the dark energy is everything and that is because it is simply conscious and possesses intellect — immeasurably and incomprehensibly great for us, people. It has created and continues to create our material world. Its conscious waves penetrate the world in all directions. Concepts like space and time do not exist for it. That is why in Quantum Mechanics it has been proven that something which is happening here can get connected instantly with something else happening somewhere else regardless of the distance. And that can take place at “time-zero” and infinite speed.

So, what about the creation of our material world? Why was it created? It was probably a way to develop the intelligence of dark energy — that’s what I imagine. During the creation in the beginning of time and space, thinking waves of dark energy transformed in elementary particles, every single one of which, aside from all its other attributes carries within itself, figuratively speaking, a fraction of space and time. These particles and moments summed up in a mysterious way to create space and time. That is when our ever-changing material world began to exist.

And now some more details about the particles. The latest achievements of science show that matter is built by 12 types of particles — electrons, neutrinos and quarks. Still as many particles build up antimatter. It is assumed that the electron is a fundamental particle without internal structure. The nucleus of the atom is made up of protons and neutrons and they consist of quarks.

And then what are the fundamental forces in nature? For the time being science has identified four types of interactions — strong interaction, electromagnetism, weak interaction and gravity.

The strong interaction is the nuclear interaction. The strong interaction binds quarks together to form protons and neutrons which build the atomic nucleus. The gluon is the particle carrier of the strong force.

Next in terms of strength is the electromagnetic interaction, which is carried by the photon. This force is approximately a hundred times weaker than the strong one but there are no limits to how far its effects can spread, while the strong and weak interactions are limited within the scale of the atom.

Finally, there is gravity which is billions of times weaker than electromagnetism on a subatomic level. Graviton is the hypothetical elementary particle that carries the force of gravity. There is no experimental proof of the graviton so far.

Dear reader, if you didn’t know these experimentally proven facts, you are already wondering why such interactions with this particular proportion between forces and these many particles construct matter and why them in particular. Even the smallest differences in these proportions would lead to catastrophic influences to matter in our universe. The great human intellect fails here. In fact things are much simpler — there is probably a much greater and powerful intellect responsible for these carefully arranged proportions. And not just them. I am confident that the thinking dark energy waves have given some intellectual and emotional qualities to these particles. All forces and interactions in nature can be explained more clearly now. In our world our intellect is accompanied by emotions. (Some of us, as a result of our past experiences, think that there is no intellect where emotions rule. But that is a different issue. What is your opinion, dear reader?) For example in view of electromagnetism, particles of the same charge repel each other while opposites attract. This can be explained namely by the presence of intellect and emotions, because only intellect can choose the means to achieve a goal. And the goal is a stable material world.

At the gravity level particles only attract each other. Why don’t they repel? This can be explained in a similar to the above mentioned way. In planets, stars, galaxies, etc. there is a large number of particles and in spite of the much weaker gravitational forces (compared to electromagnetic ones), they are stable and communicate with each other as a result of the attraction and communication between these particles of matter, planets, stars, galaxies, etc. Yes, they do communicate. They are probably living beings, inconceivably more powerful than people. Therefore planet Earth is alive and communicates with other planets, stars, galaxies etc. and perhaps the Northern Lights are a residual effect of that communication, and oceans, seas and polar ice caps are some kind of sensory organs.

Planet Earth willingly or unintentionally has created us. The great assignment we people are facing today is learning to respect and to communicate intellectually and emotionally with our mother planet. The fact that we are damaging and even destroying its sensory organs with our activities will probably have adverse consequences to both the planet and humankind.

Dear reader, what do you think about all these issues?



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Lyubomir Berov

Lyubomir Berov

Engineer & Independent Researcher, Smolyan, Bulgaria,